Customer Comments

Thanks so much for the chicken coop. We love it! My four-year old is especially excited.
He can already explain how everything works.
You do amazing work!
I can't wait to get chickens & have a party this summer. :)
~ Jen D.

Just wanted to let you know how much I love the chicken coop. It is so well made and
well thought out. My husband loved it as well. He is a tough cookie to please. He likes
quality construction like yourself. Thanks again for this great product and service.
~ Julee S.

Hi Scott,
I thought you might like to see some pictures of the chickens in their new coop. I love
this thing! I really enjoy being able to get the eggs from the outside and cleaning is so
quick and easy to do! They never had it so good!
~ Jen S.
Hi Scott,
It was a pleasure to meet you yesterday and we are very happy with the beautiful coop
you've crafted. I sent these pictures to Eggplant and I'll pass along the brochure as well.
Thanks for the message. I will probably take you up on your offer to answer chicken questions someday ;)
~ Michelle D.
Hi Scott,
Just had to send you a picture of my "girls"! I picked them up at the post office at 6:45 this morning!
They love their new house and so do I! Thanks so much for the great coop!
~ Steph M.